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Skye and her big brother Brann with a birthday clown. D’awww :’(

I also found out not long ago that Skye was a drummer, too. They would have had the coolest sibling rivalry in metal, had fate not struck.


Skye and her big brother Brann with a birthday clown. D’awww :’(


I also found out not long ago that Skye was a drummer, too. They would have had the coolest sibling rivalry in metal, had fate not struck.

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The Hunter
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Mastodon | “Thickening”

One of three love songs Mastodon has written (“We Built This Come Death” and “Ole Nessie” being the other two). This is a Sanders song all the way, and I definitely think the lyrics were inspired by the birth of his son and getting married to his wife. It’s a sort of “Oh god, things are going so good, I hope nothing fucks this up” sort of song. The lyrics are really tender and bowled me over on first read.

Also, that odd time signature that the song starts with just sounds cool as hell. This was always one of my favorite songs from The Hunter. They’ve played it live on a few stops from the Heritage Hunter tour so far, and I HOPE they play it in Atlanta when I see them.

Ice Cream Revelations.

Earlier today, I was out on the Chattanooga Riverpark, soaking up the sun and enjoying a immaculately beautiful spring day. There’s a new ice cream shop that’s been built in the park, so I stopped in to get a scoop. This mother and her young daughter were in front of me, and it took them forever to actually order something. After a while, the mother decided for her little girl, getting chocolate chip in a cup. When it was my turn to order, I had already settled on Cookie Dough. At least I made up my mind, I thought, But then again, that’s just like little kids - it takes them forever to make a decision

And that’s when something became fairly obvious to me for the first time. Throughout my life I’ve often been called childish or immature because of the way I handle situations, and I handle situations the way that I do because I can’t make up my mind. Perhaps in some cases I take a position and stick with it, but more often than not my perception of the world is very fluid. As a child, I was indifferent about religion but despised the old biddies in my neighborhood that gave me and my mother the evil eye because we didn’t go to church. Missionaries would tell me I was going to hell, and kids would buy the rhetoric as well (“You didn’t make up that game, God did!”, one girl said on the playground).

After divorcing, my mother “found Jesus” and all the sudden it was God talk 24/7 from her. It was bad enough that I had just witnessed my parents’ marriage fall apart and saw my father’s infidelity and pedophilia become public knowledge, but now Mom had turned into God Mom. To appease her, I went to church and for a period of time genuinely did feel some sort of Christian sentiment. In High School I was a far-right Republican and a total Bible-thumper, in part because I thought it would help win the affections of this guy I was obsessed with. After 2005, I became less and less religious, and the final straw came last year when a bible passage about women shutting up and having kids made me go “fuck it; I don’t believe this anymore”.

For most of my life, I’ve been see-sawing back and forth from world view to world view. I used to be Conservative, then I was Liberal, and now I’m neither. I used to hate drugs, then I was okay with drugs, then I hated drugs again, and now I don’t care. I used to be a total tomboy and hated women for being so bitchy and backstabbing, then I stopped believing in love and hated men for their universal view of women as cum rags, and now I just hate everybody equally. Nothing in my mind is ever solidly defined or validated, so there’s a constant grey area. This makes me easy prey for the one-sided wolverines who either want to tear me apart or convert me to their doctrines.

So if immaturity and child-like behavior is prolonged by indecisiveness, this explains why I’m “22 running on 14”. My mom often says that my mental state has deteriorated in recent years, but I know she only says this because I stopped being a Christian. If I still went to church, she wouldn’t give a shit. In two more years, I might be Buddhist, I might be a fucking Scientologist, whatever. I am whatever I’m in the mood to be. From an Astrological standpoint, this is very typical Gemini behavior. Geminis always act upon whims and can never settle down. Love is also a foreign concept to Gemini, and it’s a foreign concept to me. Love is an incoherent, useless drug that we must all ween ourselves from. Love is the root of all evil…or at least I’ll feel this way until I meet Prince Charming. Herpa derp derp she’s all bitter LOL.

The only two things that I have ever been 100% certain about for most of my life is this:

  • Music is absolutely essential to survival, and
  • I do not want to have children. Ever.

Other than that, my passions travel wherever the wind blows. Nothing stays the same or makes sense. I am a child, and no, I can not make up my mind. I will never make up my mind for good until I’m dead.