Tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day. My boyfriend Jared, several of our Chattanooga friends, and a whole gaggle of ATL friends are seeing Neurosis, US Christmas, Rwake, and Primate at the Masquerade tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that the day has finally arrived for this show. I’ve tried to mentally prepare myself as much as possible, but there is really no good preparation for something like this.

No matter what happens, I promise all of my followers and blog readers that I will come back with a ton of HQ photos and HD videos, a full review of the show, and maybe even an interview or two. Jared got me a new camera for Christmas that is about two steps removed from a DSLR, so this shit will turn out great. Trust me on this :)

  1. m1st3r-azatarystanbek said: Looking forward to your pics, they will have to do, I can’t get to the show, I live in Ireland, the arse of the world.
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    I wish i could go to this. Seeing all of these bands at one show would be so good. Anyways, I’m seeing Neurosis on...
  3. ursaminorjim said: Awesome. Have a fantastic time, and Happy New Year!
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