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Death of Kings
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Crushed Beneath the Steel
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Death of Kings | “Destructicator”

Seeing as how their drummer Amos “Yeti” Rifkin is one of my bros, I felt it fitting to post a track off of DOK’s debut album to show that yes, there’s more going on in the ATL metal scene than shoe-gazey stoner metal. This thrash outfit conjures up images of classic Exodus and Testament, and on the title track in particular, guitarist/vocalist Matt Matson channels his inner muppet, giving the song a sort of 3 Inches of Blood effect. Mountain Lord is definitely my favorite on the album, but Tumblr’s audio size limit wouldn’t let me post the song, so enjoy the shortest song on the album instead *shakes fist at Tumblr’s audio rules*.

If this tickles your fancy, check out more from Death of Kings on their Facebook page HERE.

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